Wendell Smith and Dick Iverson

Wendell Smith

One of My Heroes

One of my younger heroes of the faith, now with our Lord, is Wendell Smith.

Wendell and his wife, Gini, came to us in the early 70’s, just married, with everything they owned in their car.  They believed that God had sent them to Bible Temple, now City Bible.  It didn’t take long before he made an impact on our church.  He soon became our youth pastor where he served for nearly 20 years.  During that time we watched our church grow to several thousand members.

Wendell had an evangelistic call as well as a call to pastor.  He was well known for his “Dragonslayer” seminars, which inspired young people to live a godly life. He wrote a book titled “The Roots of Character” which to this day is used by hundreds of leaders, transforming the lives of young people.

In the early 90’s he came to me with a scripture out of Deuteronomy “you have compassed this mountain long enough, go north.”  That is when he told me he was called to Seattle, which is north ofPortland.  He went there with our blessing to plant a church.

Under Wendell’s ministry The City Church grow to a congregation of over 10,000 and become a church of worldwide influence.

The last six years of his life Wendell fought deadly cancer in his body.  Never once did he doubt that God would heal him, nor did he withdraw from his ministry because of the challenge to his physical body.  He has written many books, including books on the subject of healing.  He was such an example of faith and courage until his last breath, expressing it both in word and deed.  His memory will live on forever and his fruit will never end.

As his pastor, I was inspired and am still inspired by Wendell’s life. The impact of this man and his wife has yet to be told.  Their two children, Wendy & Judah, were born in our church and are now making an impact on their generation as well.

Wendell is one of my heroes, as is Gini.