Bro. Schoch1

The Impact of David Schoch’s Ministry on my Life

David Schoch was a true prophet and man of God who spoke into my life in my earlier ministry and continued to influence me for over 40 years.  Please allow me to step back in time.

We had taken my children out of school and decided to visit a number of churches to find out what God was doing in the earth as it didn’t seem that He was doing anything in our church.  We were meeting in an old, musty theater that we had purchased, but no move of God.

My wife, Edie, remembered she had met David Schoch in Sharon Bible College at North Battleford, Saskatchewan, which was where the Latter Rain outpouring originated.  She remembered 6th & Dawson in Long Beach, so we decided we would visit David Schoch’s church in Long Beach, California, which is 1000+ miles south of Portland.

I remember to this day what happened and I can never forget the impact that took place in my life.  The building was packed to capacity when I came in with my wife and children.  I immediately sensed the presence of God.  I didn’t know why, but there was something unusual about the service.

When the worship started I experienced a very united verbal praise that came out of the mouths of the people.  They were singing praise to the Lord and it was nice to start with, but it went on and on and on.  It would die down and then there would be a prophetic word with a response, and then the worship would continue.  I was not used to that.  A little bit was okay, but it went on and on and on with the people united in worshipping the Lord.

I finally became a little bit agitated.  I didn’t come to just hear this worship. I wanted to hear the quartet, I wanted to hear the preacher, but all they were doing was worshiping.  I began to become critical.  We were standing in worship for almost an hour and I was beginning to get restless.  It was then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and asked me the question, “What’s wrong with what they are doing?”   I said “nothing is wrong.”  Then He said to me, “Why don’t you worship Me fervently?”  And with that I lifted both of my hands and I began to worship like I had never done in my entire life.  Though I was a Christian since I was eight years of age, and raised in a Pentecostal environment, I don’t think I had ever really worshipped the Lord.  I had thanked and praised Him for the good things He had done, but I had never just said, “Lord, I love you.”  With my hands raised that morning I was swept into the presence of God in a manner I have never experienced.  I began to weep as I really did love the Lord and wanted Him to know.  I sang a new song to the Lord in the midst of the congregation and expressed my love. My heart was softened.  The service literally changed my life.

As was his custom, Bro. Schoch was greeting folks on their way out the door.  I was so overwhelmed I didn’t even want to talk and figured that he would certainly not pay much attention to me when he knew I was from Portland, Oregon.  But, as the prophet he was, he asked if I was visiting and I said “yes.”  “Where are you from?”  I said “Portland.”  He then asked what church I was attending.  I told him and then he looked me in the eye and said “Who is the pastor?”  I said “I am.”  He immediately invited my family and me to have lunch with him.  There were hundreds of people in the church and I was from a thousand miles away.  Why would he want to have lunch with me?  But he did.  We went out to lunch and there I asked him if the service that morning was normal or different, because I was so moved.  He expressed that it was just a regular service. I could hardly believe it.  It was one of those services that might happen once or twice a year, but he said this took place nearly every Sunday.

That day began a journey with Bro. David Schoch that lasted until he passed away in 2007.  He ministered for us many times at Bible Temple over the years.  Between the prophet, David Schoch, and the apostle, Reg Layzell, Bible Temple’s foundation was built.   Again, three things took place – a revelation of the local church, through Bro. Schoch and the Revival Fellowship,  the revelation of worship, and the revelation of prayer.  These were the three pillars that we built our church on and I know I would never have done what I have been able to do without the influence of the prophet David Schoch, and his dear wife, Audene.