Part of the Iverson Classic Audio series of Understanding Worship.

The message of praise and worship is one of the most important messages you will hear after you become a born-again, Spirit-filled Christian.

From Genesis to Revelation you will find that offering worship, in the form of natural sacrifices in the Old Testament, and as spiritual sacrifices in the New Testament was required of man.  Not in a legalistic way, but voluntarily from the heart.

Please listen to these messages with an open heart as worship is one of the keys of the favor and blessing of God on your life.  The scriptures tells us  “The Father seeketh such as will worship him in spirit and in truth.”  The Father seeketh. . .

We’re not just robots, but when we come into the house of the Lord we come to offer spiritual sacrifices to the Lord.  These messages will take you into the Tabernacle of David,  where you will find again and again, the blessings that are connected with spiritual worship.

I can’t think of any other thing than worship and prayer, which are both communion with God, that God smiles on in a greater way.  If we do not seek the Lord in prayer and worship I don’t really believe we are living a full-fledged Christian life where God can show us His favor again and again.

Please listen to these messages and follow the scriptures and make sure you are in alignment with God’s word.  It is a critical area for all believers.

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